Sage CRM 7.3 is now available

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Know your business. Grow your business!

With a suite of new Business Accelerators for Sales, added business insight, a contemporary user experience, and an enhanced mobile and email marketing solution, Sage CRM 7.3 addresses the key business challenges faced by busy sales organisations every day.

Sage CRM 7.3 at a glance

  • New reports and dashboards enabling you to quickly create visual reports, for at-a-glance assessments, business insight and informed decision-making.
  • A range of preconfigured alerts and notifications to ensure management are getting real-time updates on their business KPIs.
  • New workflows so you can easily create business processes based on your unique company needs
  • A fresh and contemporary design with new navigation delivers an enhanced user experience.
    An optimised mobile experience ensures you and your team can perform key CRM tasks on a wider range of devices than ever before.
  • A new email marketing integration with MailChimp so you can easily send email marketing campaigns and track your results.
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