Sage announces Windows 10 support for ERP & CRM products.

Five Go Live and Sage are pleased to announce Windows 10 is now supported with Sage ERP 1000 and Line 500. 

Software updates are not required to the Universal Client, however, as Internet Explorer 11 is required a compatble version must be installed.

Compatibility is provided from the following versions:

  • Sage ERP 1000 v4 Service Pack 3

  • Sage ERP 1000 v3 Service Pack 9

  • Line 500 v7.1 with Universal Client 2015a

  • Sage CRM 7.3 service pack 1 has support for Microsoft Edge as well as Internet Explorer 11


Please contact us to discuss upgrading to a Windows 10 compatible version on your server.

V1 compatibility with Windows 10

V1’s software suite version 3.6 is compatible with Windows 10 using Internet Explorer 11. The Edge browser is not supported environment for V1s products as it does not support ActiveX.

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