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Sage 200 a leading business management system

Devised for small to medium-sized businesses requiring a flexible solution that seamlessly meets their requirements, Sage 200 is the perfect solution to give you full control and visibility across your entire organisation. Designed to facilitate growth, track your financials, and be accessible both from your desktop and on the go, Sage 200 is everything a business needs to propel you to the next level.

The key to Sage 200 Extra is in the modular system design which means businesses can customise the software to match the exact needs of their business.

It is designed to support separate departments within a company from Sales and Customer Services through to Dispatch and Financials.

See why Sage200 is for you

Sage 200 has an extensive list of features. Here’s some of the more common ones that relate to most businesses and act as key differentiators between accounting solutions.

Being constantly developed and updated, this list will only get larger! – If you don’t see something on here that you need Sage 200 to do, then get in touch: The likelihood is that it already does it.


  • Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers
  • Document customization
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Cash-Flow Reporting
  • Excel Reporting
  • Cost Centre 
  • Payment Processing
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Expenses
  • Import Functionality 


  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Stock Control
  • Quotations
  • Sales Pricing Matrix
  • Stock Barcoding
  • Document Distribution
  • Purchase Requisitions


  • Bill of Materials
  • MRP
  • Works Order Management
  • Estimating
  • Capacity Planning
  • Shop-floor Data Capture
  • Barcoding

Integrated Solutions

There is very few limits to Sage200 in terms of integrated solutions. If you need to link payments, there is functionality with known systems such as Stripe, PayPal, GOCARDLESS, as well as the SagePay now known as Opayo

Additionally there is Manufacturing which is provided by Sicon, and have many other additional features such as digitalizing all documents and linking them on Sage. 

There is also Power BI capabilities and Microsoft 365 integration.

As well as a whole marketplace of add ons that could work to enhance your Sage200 experience.

If you are worried something can’t be done with Sage, please let us know as our own internal development team are eager to bespoke what you need if possible! 

How does the process work?

Implementing Sage 200 is a significant step for any growing business; it requires careful preparation, planning, management and commitment. We meticulously plan every stage and actively communicate with you throughout to ensure project deliverables are met.

You’ll be guided through the whole process by an experienced FGL Sage 200 Consultant. This consultant will work closely with you from the start, from initial enquiry and product demonstrations right through to project confirmation and system implementation, allowing them to become fully immersed in your business and your requirements.

Stage 1 - Project Scope

We want to be sure Sage 200 is a good fit for you, so we learn as much as we can about your business and requirements before project confirmation through in-depth consultative meetings, product demonstrations and pre-sale assessments. Once the sale has been agreed and order raised, we work closely with key decision-makers in your business to fully understand your priorities and scope all aspects of the project, including what system customisation is needed and the hardware requirements.  Most customers also want their data migrated from their existing systems into Sage 200, so we discuss what data you have, where it’s stored and how it’s structured.

Your consultant will create comprehensive documents detailing the system requirements and objectives of the project as well as timescales, costs, roles and responsibilities. We will also include a basic project plan, any identified risks and constraints and agree procedures to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Stage 2 - Planning Workshop

At each stage, we learn more about your business, processes and requirements. Planning workshops ensure we have all the specific details we need for a successful implementation.

We will create a test demo database for you using the details we have discussed and any information gained, early in the project so we can configure the software and provide user training around your real data.

Your processes are important. We aim to replicate all your current processes if you require however we will also suggest any changes that may benefit your company.

Stage 3 - Implementation and development

Based on the detailed project plan, our team of expert Sage 200 consultants and software developers work on configuring and customising your system to meet all your requirements. Many customers like to keep all their stationery layouts the same, e.g. sales invoices, purchase orders, remittances and delivery notes etc. so, we configure all of these for you if it was agreed in advance on the proposal otherwise the standard sage forms will be installed.

Stage 4 - Testing and Training

User acceptance testing is a critical stage of the integration and implementation process. End-users will test the system to validate the software against the agreed business requirements. We won’t go live with your Sage 200 software until you have tested the system thoroughly and have signed off that you’re happy.

We provide extensive user and system administration training as part of an agreed training schedule. Your training is delivered on an exact replica of your system to ensure users are ready for successful operation when you go live.

Stage 5 - GO LIVE

We understand your business management software is mission-critical to your business; failure is not an option. Both users and decision-makers are nervous when it’s time to go live, but you’re in safe hands; our thorough planning and preparation up to this point is crucial to successful implementation.

Just before the go live date, we will migrate your live data, complete extensive checks and ensure all the figures balance.  You will need to ensure the b/f figures are what you are expecting and the Sage 200 users ready to use their new Sage 200 system with minimal disruption.

Stage 6 - On-going Support

After your Sage 200 system is live, we provide extra support and assistance to ensure everything is working as expected and you’re getting the desired results. There’s a project handover, where your consultant will introduce you to our knowledgeable and friendly support team, who will handle any queries you have moving forward. Sage regularly releases new versions of the software, with additional features and benefits. When you’re ready to upgrade, we manage every step of the process ensuring your data, reports, stationery layouts and any software customisation is also seamlessly upgraded.


How long Does it take from start to finish?

The implementation process is different for every customer and depends on your requirements. Typically, projects take anything from 3 to 6 months to implement successfully. The range of modules deployed and additional customisation requirements impact the timescale, so we’ll happily chat with you to discuss this in more detail

Sage 200 - Extended Features List

Sage 200 has an extensive list of features. Here’s some of the more common ones that relate to most businesses and act as key differentiators between accounting solutions.

Being constantly developed and updated, this list will only get larger! – If you don’t see something on here that you need Sage 200 to do, then get in touch: The likelihood is that it already does it.

Feature In Sage 200 Professional as standard
Accurate Insights With Data Reports
Automated Statements, Standing Orders And Direct Debits
Excel Reporting Tools
Modular System Fits Your Business
Store Unlimited Customer And Supplier Details
Full Supply Chain Management
Access Your Data Anywhere
Manage Cash Flow
Track Tracking And Management Tools
Share Data Across Departments
Flexible Ordering Options
View All Your Band Balances
Interactive Dashboards
Bank Reconciliation
Manage Discounts And Margins
Flexible Accounting Periods
Advanced Multi-Currency Options
Advanced Project Management
Flexible Nominal Code Structure
Fixed Asset Management
Manufacturing And Production Process Management
VAT Flexibility
Multichannel Payment Solutions
Mailchimp & Swiftpage Integration
Batch Data Upload
E-Invoicing To Customers
Optimised Marketing Tools
Fraud Prevention Tools
Extensive Customer Management

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