Efficiency and Cost Savings Drive

Ray Clarke has joined the FGL team, based out of our Welsh and South West office – Ray is an Experienced Pre-Sales consultant in Business process automation within Finance, P2P, Robotic Process Automation, Machine learning and Cognitive Computing, Purchase/Expense Management and Integrated Solutions for Sage.
He will be looking to assist existing and new clients alike on the journey through Digital Transformation to get the best from their current systems and see how any of our new “efficiency and time saving” solutions might be of benefit to them.
Can we help you reduce administrative costs and maximise process and procedure efficiencies in a cost-effective manner that will provide long term results?
Are you looking to add or enhance, your existing process to gain efficiencies because of Changing consumer demand – Changing technology – Changing competition?

We can provide help with identifying business justifications through experience of similar current projects, we also have a tool that uses industry standard costs and calculations for you to plug in your costs, challenges and requirements to get an idea of real-world relevant ROI.

All inquiries welcome, email us at info@fivegolive.co.uk

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