Quality Policy

Quality Policy

It is FGL’s policy to provide a range of products and services that meet the current and future line of business solutions requirements, information integration needs and quality standard of our customers.

We strive to ensure our projects and programmes are maintained on schedule and delivered to an agreed price.

All engagements are carried out in a cost effective and timely manner, and in accordance with the highest professional standards, while aiming for continual improvement and higher customer satisfaction through the involvement and participation of all levels of management, staff and other alliance partners.

Our quality policy has been established to ensure that it:

Supports the purpose of the organisation, delivers the expected level of customer satisfaction and protects the interests of our partners and alliances.

Includes a commitment to meeting requirements and to striving for continual improvement.

Identifies the resources needed to succeed and values the contribution of suppliers and partners.

Provides a practical framework for establishing and reviewing our quality objectives.

Demonstrates commitment and ensures the quality objectives are communicated, understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation

Is regularly reviewed for suitability and effectiveness by all key management levels of the organisation.

We are a highly efficient and quality cost conscious organisation, and as such, a number of personnel have dual roles to carry out within our primary business aspects and functions. It is our policy that our dual roles do not deter, in any way or manner, any personnel from their prime objective of providing a quality service through quality controlled management system.

FGL have continual performance measurements in place for the following areas:

Quality Measure – Managing Director

Customer Satisfaction Index – owner Operations Director – from Support SLA achievement, Product / Process Faults, Milestone Achievement and Post-Project Reviews

Professionalism – owner Operations Director – this is based on scores resulting from Consultant Competence and Training

Complaint Response Time – owner Managing Director – this is based on the satisfactory turn-around of complaints received.

QMS Performance – owner Quality Director – this is derived from the number of audits, improvement opportunities and deviation requests booked against the system

These measures are regularly reviewed with a commitment to the maintenance of continual improvement.


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